Best Friends Pet Clinic

16875 S Main Street
Galesville, WI 54630


Cat Boarding

As a service to our clients, we offer boarding for cats. They can be dropped off or picked up at the beginning of business. Gizmo and Taz are two of our happy clients.

We have a large room to board cats any day of the week.

Cat Shave downs.

Dog Grooming

We offer grooming services for dogs, giving them baths and employing the FURminator deshedding products. Dr. Thein's dog, Max, is getting a shedless bath, which really removes the undercoat.

Before grooming. Getting a bath. All done!

To see a demonstration of the FURminator deshedding products, go to their Web site:

Dental Services

Does your dog have doggy breath? Kitty have fish breath? Bad breath is more then just a nuisance to you. It is an indication that your pet's teeth need attention. Dental problems are the most common issue among pets in the United States. It affects 70%-80% of all dogs and cats. The brown stains on the teeth are bacteria, and the mouth is an excellent portal to all the organs. Bacteria and infections in the mouth can easily cause infection anywhere in the body. Problems that develop in the mouth can seriously affect the overall health and longevity of our pets.

We recommend that you have your pet's teeth checked at every visit to ensure early detection of potential problems. If you notice bad breath, excessive drooling, gum discoloration or painful chewing, we should check your pet's teeth right away.

Remember, red means PAIN and brown mean Bacteria!

Our dental services include teeth cleaning and polishing as well as tooth extractions.


We also do vaccinations for canine and feline:

Rabies- Prevent rabies that can be transferred to your canine or feline friends from skunks, raccoons and fox by bite. Rabies is zoonotic which means it can be transferred to humans. If a human or your pet gets rabies it is fatal.

Distemper/Lepto- Distemper are viruses that can be transferred from dogs and raccoons. You can even spread it by your clothing to your dog even if your dog isn't around other dogs or raccoons. Lepto is transferred through rat and raccoon urine which can be in any kind of water including puddles. Lepto is also zoonotic which can be transferred to humans.

Lyme- Lyme disease is transferred through ticks. The Lyme vaccination only helps protect against Lyme disease but not other tick borne disease.

Influenza- Another flu that can be found at doggie day cares, boarding, groomers, and dog parks. 

Bordatella- or kennel cough is also found at doggie day cares, boarding, groomers, and dog parks.

FVR- Distemper are viruses that can be transferred from cats and raccoons. You can even spread it by your clothing to your cat even if your cat isn't around other cats or raccoons. 

Leukemia- is cancer in cats spread though bites and saliva. Your cat should have this vaccine done if it is going outside unintended or exposed to other cats going indoor/ outdoor.

Laser Therapy -

stimulates the animal to heal itself by penetrating deep to the cells, increasing energy which leads to normalization of cell function, pain relief, and healing.

Promotes and enhances healing, not just treating the symptoms.

Click on this link to learn more about Laser

Stimulates all facets of the healing process

  • Relieves Pain (Analgesia)
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Accelerates Tissue Repair and Cell Growth
  • Improves Circulation
  • Increases Cellular Metabolic Activity
  • Reduces Fibrous Tissue Formation
  • Improves Nerve Function
  • Accelerates Wound Healing
  • Stimulates Immunoregulation
  • Stimulates Acupuncture and Trigger Points


Spay's, Neuter's, Cystotomy, Foreign Body Removal, Fractures, Knee Surgeries, growth removal


In house Bloodwork, Intestinal Parasite, Allergy Testing, Urinalysis